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Congratulations for your game! keep fight^^

Love the art and idea of this game, the music is also very fitting with the theme of the game, collisions are a tiny bit off though but can be over looked. Also you should have probable put a cooldown on throwing flop because you can near enough fly if you spam click

Overall, i am very impressed by the game you have created and wish you good look!

Thank you very much. Oh yes, collisions are a bit off. I’m guessing that’s because the game’s actual resolution is 320x180 and physics engine is trying to stop objects from overlapping 1 pixel before the actual collision, so on small scales like that it’s very noticeable. At least i think so.

Nice game. I'm trying to pass second level because it's hard to move character. Pic below shows how I appeared in second level. I was surprised to see my character like that. I thought he died instantly LOL!. 

Hi! This spawn on the second level is intentional. It’s made this way to subtly teach players that Flop can stay on platforms, while Bob is hanging down below.

Cool game:" inspired me~


Really nice game, but kinda hard for me! Love the idea and mechanics!

Also, ты молодец) Если я не ошибаюсь, то увидела у тебя игру с русским названием, поэтому решила продолжить свою мысль так)

Спасибо! Заняли 1 место в community voting. К превеликому сожалению денежного приза в нём нет.

Супер! Я вас поздравляю!

Thanks for saying ggod my game

it's really a fun game

Thank you too!

Don’t forget to rate the game on the submission page

Cool game.

Thank you so much! Don’t forget to rate the game on the Jam’s submission page ;)


What charming game. You did a great work. I will try at home better.

reeeealy beautifull. super neat realization and love the graphics!

Very fun and interesting game! :)


Thank you! Don't forget to rate on the submission page ;))

Exceptionally well-polished game! I wish the checkpoints were more frequently but the core gameplay loop is really fun.

Thank you! Unfortunatelly, there were no checkpoints at all. I knew about this issue while testing the game, but didn't have enough time to add them.

Wow! Super cool! I love it!

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Noice game ! Lovely art and game play mechanics. I enjoyed playing it through :D